Here's Why You Should Visit At Least One Winery In Anderson Valley

Whether you will be spending time in Anderson Valley to close a business deal or to attend a work meeting, there is a lot you can do on your downtime to make the trip more exciting and relaxing. Enjoy a restaurant, get some extra sleep, or adventure outside in the abundant nature that makes Anderson Valley so special. And here's why you shouldn't forget to visit a winery or two during your time spent in Anderson Valley.

Relieve Some Stress

While you may well know that red wine contains resveratrol, a compound that promotes good heart health and glowing skin, you might not be aware that a glass of red wine can help reduce your stress levels too. This can come in pretty handy after an intense business meeting or when you're trying to enjoy a day of free time before more grueling work commences.

So, visiting a winery during your downtime can help keep you level-headed, and in a positive frame of mind throughout your business dealings, so you're in a better mood and more ready to get back the grind when you return home.

Taste New Flavors

Visiting a winery while on your business trip in Anderson Valley will give you an opportunity to taste different flavors of wine that may not be available where you live or that you have never been aware of before. And each type of wine you try is at its freshest since it's grown and processed locally and doesn't need to be shipped anywhere for your enjoyment.

And by attending a wine tasting event, you don't have to drink an entire glass of wine just to find out whether you like it. If you do enjoy a type of wine you taste, you can always order a full glass at dinner or buy a bottle to take back to your hotel room. You may even find a variety that you enjoy more than what you are used to drinking at home.

Score Some Deals

If you do plan to buy some wine to enjoy at your hotel room or to bring back home with you, visiting a winery or two while on your business trip may yield you some discounts and save you some money by the time your trip is over. Many wineries are willing to offer a discount on select bottles of wine that they no longer have room to store. You might also find deals on older batches of wine so the winery can make room for current year's batch. And coupons for discounts in the wine store might be offered at tasting sessions or winery tours.

For more information on visiting Anderson Valley wineries, contact your local winery today!