Why Coffee Pods Are A Great Option For Busy Coffee Lovers

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks around the world, and the benefits are there for all to see. Whether you need to wake up early and be bright and ready to go, or if you need to stay up late and power through some work –  in addition to being just a tasty drink, coffee can help. Unfortunately, good coffee can be expensive and time-consuming to make, which is exactly why alternatives like coffee pods have become so popular. Here are a few reasons why coffee pods are so helpful for those looking to drink a cup of joe on the go. 

One Simple Process

Making proper coffee at home can be quite a demanding process. First, you need to turn the espresso machine on. Then you will need to grind some coffee beans. Once the coffee machine is hot enough, you can put as much ground coffee into the group head as you need before allowing the machine to press highly heated water through it. If you want foamy milk, that can add another few minutes as well. All together it might take you ten minutes from start to finish, which is a big investment in the morning. Coffee pods take a fraction of this time and provide a comparable, sometimes better, result. Just put it in and you are done!

Better Than Instant

Of course, for a long time, the alternative to espresso coffee machines in the home was instant or freeze-dried coffee. But most people would agree, this form of coffee is not all that exciting or enjoyable, although it is quick. Coffee pods contain real coffee and in a blind taste test between coffee made from coffee pods and a traditional espresso machine, it can be hard to tell the difference – whereas if you added instant coffee it would be very obvious. In that way, coffee pods provide a happy medium between time spent preparing it and the eventual taste.

Dual Purpose Machines

Many espresso machines that are built to accept coffee pods can also make espresso the traditional way. That means if you do have more time, say on the weekend, and want to make a regular espresso then you can, while still having the ability to make good coffee quickly on weekdays. Make sure you always check that your espresso machine is rated for both methods, as this is not universal and you don't want to accidentally get the wrong one!

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