Shopping For Candy Making Supplies? Key Chocolate Vocabulary Words You Need To Know

After binge-watching a few baking championships on television, you might be ready to head to the store, gather some chocolate-making supplies, and spend a few hours dipping candies in your own kitchen. Unfortunately, unless you go into your shopping trip knowing exactly what you want, you might be overwhelmed as you peruse the aisles of your favorite chocolate shop. Here are a few key chocolate vocabulary words you need to know before you embark on your first candy-making adventure:

Authentic Mexican Or American Mexican: Six Ways To Tell If You're Eating True Mexican Food.

Everybody loves a good taco with meat, beans and cheese, but when it comes to finding authentic Mexican food in the United States, it's a lot more complicated than a making a simple taco. "Mexican food" has many definitions, and as the cultures between the United States and Mexico continue to blend, it can be hard to really know if the Mexican restaurant you are planning to go to really offers true Mexican cuisine.

Safe Operation Of Commercial Fryers

If you run a business that uses commercial fryers, you're tasked with the responsibility of ensuring their safe operation. A commercial fryer allows you to prepare deep-fried foods in bulk to satisfy large crowds of hungry customers, but only if it's in optimal working condition. Make sure your fryers are well maintained and safe to use by following a few hard and fast rules: Train Your Staff Minors should never be allowed to operate commercial fryers.