From Appetizers To The Main Course: Adding A Splash Of Horror Movies To Your Wedding Reception

Whether you have a love of horror movies or are getting married around Halloween, the themes are great for presenting a fun and engaging meal at your wedding venues. Your love of ghost movies, slashers, or vampire flicks can be mixed into your wedding reception meal. By working with caterers and wedding venues, you can add horror themes to every course you serve guests. Browse through the following courses for ideas on how to create a "horribly" good time at your wedding.


Start your meal off with some fun treats that call back to classic horror icons and genres.

  • Slimy Popcorn: Whether it's The Blob or Slimer from Ghostbusters, green slime popcorn is a sticky and delicious treat that can be served in small cups to guests. The recipe features a mix of brown sugar, marshmallows, and food coloring to top the popcorn with.
  • Deviled Eggs: Take a traditional appetizer and add a little horror theme to it. Whether it's a monster egg or something more sinister, add some red food coloring and paprika to the top of a deviled egg to give the horror color and theme.
  • Witch Finger Sandwiches: When appetizer sandwiches are sliced vertically, they resemble the long and creepy fingers found with witches. The sandwich fillers are completely up to you and can include a variety of meats or cheeses.


Red drinks can easily represent blood at your wedding reception. This can include a variety of red wines, mixed drinks, and juices for the younger kids. Take the drinks and horror theme up a notch by offering some specialty ice cubes with each beverage. A number of ice cube molds can be purchased with a variety of themes and designs.

Body part ice cube molds allows you to make cube shapes like fingers, eye balls, and brains. Scream-inspired molds feature the Ghostface mask from the horror franchise. Vampire teeth molds makes a drink look like a pair of dentures has fallen inside. Traditional Halloween ice cube trays include ghosts, bats, and pumpkins.

Side Dishes

Side dishes can make or break a complete wedding meal. By planning ahead, you can truly shock your guests with these horror inspired treats.

  • Brain Macaroni Salad: Showcase your love for zombies with a delicious macaroni salad that is formed into the shape of a brain. With a little food dye, the recipe even gives off a pink color to emulate the true color of a brain.
  • Roasted Cauliflower Brains: Another great take on the brains is by serving up some roasted cauliflower. When cooked right, the cauliflower gives off a rich color and can be topped with a little red sauce to emulate blood.
  • Pasta Worms: A classic horror inspired treat is turning a pasta side dish into a plate of worms. A thick spaghetti works well as the pasta. Serve it with a butter sauce to give the appearance of slime.
  • Bones: Celebrate the spooky skeletons of film by serving up some bread stick bones as a side option. Dough can easily be shaped into bones before the bread sticks are baked. Pair this off with some marinara sauce to complete the side dish.

Main Course

Enhance your main course selections with a few cooking tricks and a little decorating. Your guests will enjoy the visuals as much as the taste of these delicious meals.

  • Grilled Bat Breasts & Wings: Instead of offering a traditional piece of chicken, a few spices and some food coloring can transform the meal into some "bat meat." This is a great main course inspired by vampire flicks.
  • Snake Calzones: If you're serving up Italian cuisine then you can have some calzones served up in the shape of a snake. Filled with sauce, cheese, and other toppings, the snake design is a great tribute to the monster movies featuring the slithering creatures.
  • Pumpkin Casserole: Instead of serving meals on a plate or bowl, you can serve them right from a pumpkin. A pumpkin casserole is filled with meats, vegetables, spices, and has the savory taste of a pumpkin infused through it.

As you plan out your horror inspired meals, you can use the ideas to create a fun menu for guests to select from when returning wedding invitations. Work with venues to incorporate as many of these themes as possible.