How to Choose the Right Food Service Equipment for Your Catering Company

As a catering company owner or manager, you know how important it is to provide top-notch service to your clients. To achieve this, you need the right tools and equipment in your arsenal. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right food service equipment for your catering company? Here are a few key factors to consider when selecting food service equipment for your business. Determine Your Catering Needs

3 Alternate Ways To Use A Banana Hook In Your Kitchen

A banana hook offers an ideal way to keep bananas fresh and will prevent extra bruising from the pressure of sitting on a counter or in a bowl. A stand-alone banana hook makes an ideal display piece for the center of a kitchen table, a kitchen island, or a kitchen counter. In some cases, you may not always need to use the hook for bananas.  When you purchase a banana hook, you can find several alternate uses for the hook within your kitchen.

Cook For A Living? Why You Need A Mail-In Culinary Knife Sharpening Service

If you haven't had your culinary knives sharpened in a while, now's the time to do that. If you don't have time to take your knives out for sharpening, a mail-in service can help. Mail-in culinary knife sharpening is one of the best ways to keep your knives their sharpest. If you're still not sure why you need to keep your culinary knives sharp, read the list provided below. You'll find four reasons to join a mail-in culinary knife sharpening service.

The Benefits Of Buying And Using 2 lb Bag Of Whole Bean Columbian Coffee

You may look forward to your first few cups of coffee in the morning. However, your enjoyment can quickly turn into disgust if your coffee is not fresh.  Instead of buying already ground coffee from the grocery store, you can buy your own beans and grind them yourself. You may appreciate the benefits that come with buying and using a 2 lb bag of whole bean Columbian coffee in your own kitchen.

Planning A Halloween Party? Why You Need Dry Ice

Halloween is one of the most popular times for people to purchase and use dry ice. The fog that dry ice releases when it reacts with liquid is a popular effect for Halloween parties and haunted houses. If you're planning a big Halloween blowout this year and you want to make the experience a memorable one for your guests, dry ice is a must-have on your supply list. Here's a look at a few different ways that you can use dry ice to take your Halloween party to the next level.