3 Alternate Ways To Use A Banana Hook In Your Kitchen

A banana hook offers an ideal way to keep bananas fresh and will prevent extra bruising from the pressure of sitting on a counter or in a bowl. A stand-alone banana hook makes an ideal display piece for the center of a kitchen table, a kitchen island, or a kitchen counter. In some cases, you may not always need to use the hook for bananas. 

When you purchase a banana hook, you can find several alternate uses for the hook within your kitchen. Learn some creative ways to use a banana holder and get the most out of your purchase.

1. Grapes

When you purchase a bag of grapes, the grapes can easily become squished or push up against each other inside the bag. At times when you don't have any fresh bananas, you can use the hook to hold bunches of grapes. The grape vines can hold the fruit well and create a nice visual in your kitchen.

Anytime you want to have a few grapes, you can simply pull them off the stand. As the amount of grapes gets lower, you can replace the grapes with a whole new bunch. Some hooks may have enough room and strength to hold multiple bunches at once. Once you receive your hook, you can try out different methods and options.

2. Bagged Produce

When you shop at a grocery store, you may purchase some bagged produce you want to keep inside the bags until you are ready to eat it. Keep the produce fresh and damage-free when you hang the bags right on a banana holder. For example, you may purchase a bag of avocados. The bags have enough strength to hold the avocado and keep them protected.

Other examples include bags of onions or small collections of fruit like mandarin oranges. When you shop in a produce section, look for net-style bags that you can easily hang the items on.

3. Potted Plants

Turn a banana holder into a nice display piece when you hang on a potted plant on the holder. A small potted plant will remain elevated in the air and allow the moisture and soil to get plenty of air for a plant to grow and thrive. You do not need to place a plant directly on the table surface and can choose from a wide variety of plants. The use of a potted plant makes an ideal seasonal option and will give you a wide range of options to choose from for your kitchen.

As you plan out alternate uses for the banana holders, consider the purchase of multiple banana holders to make use out of each one on a regular basis and still have a location to hang your bananas on.

Contact a local kitchen supply service to learn more about banana holders