3 Keys To Brewing A Better Cup Of Coffee

You may think that making a cup of coffee is a straightforward task, and it is, but you can always improve your process to maximize efficiency and flavor. Unfortunately, many people rely on coffee shops and instant coffee to get their daily fix. This is expensive and can force you to miss out on making a truly great cup of java. To help you with this, consider the three tips below to make a better cup of coffee:

3 Sugar Alternatives That Are Good For You

If you enjoy sweet foods or beverages but worry about the negative effects of sugar on your health (and your waistline), you are probably familiar with most of the common sugar substitutes like saccharin, aspartame, and sucralose. But new research suggests that these sugar substitutes may not be good for your health either. A study of mice that were given either sugar or artificial sweeteners found that the mice getting the sweeteners were prone to obesity and diabetes because of the way the sweetener affected their intestinal bacteria.

How Gluten-Free Pizza Is Prepared And Served

With a growing awareness of what a gluten intolerance is and how it affects individuals, many restaurants now offer gluten-free menu items in addition to their signature menu items. The option of gluten-free food enables families to enjoy an evening out together. If you or a child of yours has a gluten intolerance, you know that it can be frustrating to go out to eat and have to take a separate meal because a restaurant doesn't offer a gluten-free menu.

From Appetizers To The Main Course: Adding A Splash Of Horror Movies To Your Wedding Reception

Whether you have a love of horror movies or are getting married around Halloween, the themes are great for presenting a fun and engaging meal at your wedding venues. Your love of ghost movies, slashers, or vampire flicks can be mixed into your wedding reception meal. By working with caterers and wedding venues, you can add horror themes to every course you serve guests. Browse through the following courses for ideas on how to create a "

Is The Beer You're Serving Too Foamy? 2 Common Reasons For Big-Headed Beers And How To Fix Them

Tap beer should have a certain amount of foam at the top of its glass when served. This foam tingles the tongue and bursts forth tiny bubbles that are an essential component to a great glass of tap beer. Too much foam, though, is overwhelming and can interfere with the taste of your beer. If your bar or restaurant is having trouble keeping the froth to a minimum on their draft orders, here are two things that might be going wrong.