Tips For Grilling Chicken Like A Professional Chef

If your family loves the flavor of grilled chicken, but your attempts so far have ended in meat that is raw in the center and burned on the outside, then you will be pleased to learn there are some things you can do to ensure your grilled chicken comes out great everytime you make it. 

To grill chicken like a professional chef, follow each of these important tips:

Tip: Flavor the Chicken Well Before Grilling

You need to soak your chicken in a marinade before cooking it on the grill. Marinating the chicken gives it flavor and the acids in marinades work to break down the connective fibers in the chicken. As the fibers break down, the chicken becomes less tough and juicier. 

You can purchase marinades in your grocery store, or you can make your own by adding your favorite spices to some vinegar and oil.

Tip: Brush Your Grill with Some Vegetable Oil to Keep the Chicken from Sticking

If you heat up your grill and don't grease the grate before putting the chicken on it, then the chicken will stick as it cooks. You can avoid this fate by brushing a thin layer of vegetable oil on the grate. Don't use too much oil because it will catch on fire and burn your chicken.

Tip: Sear the Outside of the Chicken on the Grill's Hot Grate

Once your grill heats up, then place the chicken on the hot grate and sear the outside of it. Searing the chicken forms an outer crust that holds in the natural moisture in the poultry. Sear all sides of the chicken pieces and then turn down your grill.

Tip: Cook the Chicken in a Closed Grill

To keep your chicken pieces from being raw in the center, each piece needs the time and opportunity to rise in temperature. It is easier and more effective to cook your chicken with the grill's lid down. As the chicken cooks in a covered grill, its interior heats up and this makes it cook faster. 

Tip: Don't Put BBQ Sauce on Your Chicken Until the Last Couple of Minutes

Finally, since BBQ sauces have a lot of sugar and oils in them that will easily burn, you should avoid adding them to your grilled chicken until just before you remove it from the grill. A minute or two before taking your chicken off of the grill, brush on your favorite BBQ sauce and cook it just until the sauce becomes brown and then remove the chicken to prevent burning.

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